Flagge D


If you like to take your business to the next level, you may face the challenge to improve your processes or train your staff to meet any future requirements. I can support you in these activities by

  • analyzing your current processes either directly or in workshops
  • providing suggestions for further improvement based on my personal expertise and available state of the art methodologies
  • managing change or improvement projects
  • providing training about modern sales and project management practises and more

within my areas of expertise:


  • Evaluation and optimization of a sales organisation
  • Building up new sales organisations
  • Business Development
  • Commercial / Contract Management

Project/Product Management

  • Installation of (international) project management organisations
  • Management of product related projects
  • Management of customer projects

Management of other projects

  • Management of infrastructure/business sales activities
  • Steering the preparation for a  ISO9001 Certification
  • Management of cost reduction projects (organisational costs, product costs, etc)
  • Management of internal change projects


  • Strategic Purchasing  Projects

Intellectual Property - Legal Process Outsourcing

  • Optimization of supplier networks
  • Coaching European market entries

More about Me


Interim Managers can be in place within days which is essential when time constraints are paramount. Being practiced in engaging promptly with the situation, they become effective quickly upon joining a client organisation. Because of their experience and expertise, Interim Managers also conduct and complete assignments effectively and with due speed.


Unencumbered by company politics or culture, Interim Managers provide a fresh perspective and are able to concentrate on what's best for the business.  Not being part of a larger business they are not pressured to unnecessarily extend their assignment.


Rather than taking on a purely advisory role, Interim Managers are managers who will take responsibility for and manage a business or project in their own right. They expect to be held accountable for results and by being instrumental in an assignments successful delivery, 


Operating at or near board-level gives Interim Managers the authority and credibility to effect significant change or transition within a company. Unlike a 'temp', they're not just there to 'hold the fort'. They actively add value to the client organisation as a result of their expertise and approach.

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