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I could support your organisation by stepping in as a manager for line management or certain projects on an interim basis to solve your immediate or temporary resource requirements.

Line Management

Perfect organisation is half the battle. I have some profound experience managing organisations of different sizes in different technology driven markets. Therefore, I can based on a very brief learning curve take over the responsibility for setting up, adjusting, managing or reorganising parts of your organisation.

Project Management

Successful project management means to manage projects to meet the agreed targets, which in most cases time, costs and quality. Based on my 30 years of experience managing different kinds and sizes of projects I can bring myself in any phase of a project either in a managing or supporting role.

Areas of Expertise

  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Radio Technology including GNSS
  • Network Rollout
  • Electronic Components
  • RF Components
  • Laser
  •  Intellectual Property
  • Sales
    • Direct
    • Indirect
    • Distribution
    • Key Account
    • Solution
    • Commercial/Contract Management
  • Project Management
    • Customer related projects
    • Engineering related projects
    • Product Management
    • Cost Reduction Projects
    • Change Projects
  • Purchasing
    • Strategic Purchasing Projects
    • Commercial/Contract Management

More about Me

Return On Investment

Interim Managers add value by using their skills and expertise to help deliver an outcome, solution, service or mitigate risk that provides a meaningful 'Return On Investment' to a client. Interim Managers are paid on the understanding of goals and objectives being performed and delivered, and not simply on the basis of attendance.


Interim Managers typically operate at a senior level in the client organisation, often being sensibly over-qualified for the roles they take on. They often bring skills and knowledge not otherwise in place, to address a specific skills gap or problem. Their experience and expertise enables them to be productive and make a noticeable impact from the outset, maximising the likelihood of success.


Interim Managers maintain high professional standards because their future work relies upon referrals and a successful track record. They therefore have a stake in the success of the assignments that they undertake. This contrasts favourably with other ˜temporary workers' who may also be seeking 'permanent employment' or simply motivated by a day rate or extending their tenure.

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